Saturday, April 9, 2011

Some Mild Improvements

Sorry about the lack of posts recently. We are still at the hospital for now, but we are seeing some improvements in the signs of rejection that Lillian was showing earlier. First of all, the HLA antibody DR 17 came back at 57 today, down from 68 eariler in the week. The levels are still higher than we'd like (ideally she wouldn't even test positive for them), but the trend is in the direction that we need it to be. Lillian has another HLA antibody test on Monday, the results of which will likely determine when we go home.

Her echo rejection scores also were down to 2 and 4, although the 4 is the less reliable test so that is also a good sign. Her BNP is up to 300 today though, but her Cyclosporine levels were also high (300, we shoot for 200 to 250) so that is likely the cause. With any luck the test results will keep improving and we will be home soon.

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  1. Hi there, you don't know me but I saw your mention on Krista's blog and was drawn here. I will begin at this moment praying for your sweet Lillian's recovery and healing and strength for your family.~Lis