Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little to Report

Lillian only had an ECHO today, so I am unable to report on the HLA DR17 antibody levels yet. This would give us perhaps the clearest view of potential rejection. However, in terms of her ECHO, we have a slight increase in her rejection scores, from 3 and 2 (they use two different methodologies, hence the two numbers) to 4 and 4. This is not a score we want higher, but we generally don't consider scores under 5 rejection. The trend isn't what we would like though. On other fronts, Lillian's BNP was down to the mid 100s, which is a good sign.

When we look for rejection, we look at several categories, including her clinical appearance (awesome), BNP levels (improving), antibody levels (worrysome to say the least) and ECHO rejection scores (getting worse). So a mixed bag on that front. The HLA antigen test tomorrow will be telling.

Lillian got her drainage tube sutures taken out this morning. 2 look great, but one looks like it reopened at best and is possibly infected at worst. We are putting special dressings on it for now, and hopefully it won't turn into anything.

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