Monday, April 4, 2011

Fantastic Day for Lillian

Making great progress! We were hoping Lillian's feeding would improve, and it certainly has today. Lillian took 90mL a bottle, an increase from 70mL yesterday and the most she's ever eaten in one sitting in her life. We need her at around 110mL to 120mL so we're hoping we continue to see progress on that front, but we're very pleased with how she's done so far. Regardless of how much she eats she will go home with the NG tube for meds, but eating properly will expedite the process. Since she did so good, she got a little taste of chocolate pudding today, and loved it. Hopefully this will convince her that it's worth trying other solids as well. On other fronts, she should be getting her pacer wires out whenever the surgeons have time to do it, and should probably get her PICC line out on Friday. This is probably for the better as several of the doctors have expressed a mixture of shock and disbelief that it's still in.


Lillian is getting happier and happier each day, although harder and harder to entertain. It seems the hospital simply isn't entertaining enough for her at this point. Annabelle still does wonders to cheer Lillian up and make her laugh, but it's easy to tell the hospital has started to grate on Lillian. Ever since the transplant, she simply loses her mind when she needs her vitals taken, so hopefully we can end them soon or go down on the frequency. I think Lillian will benefit immensely from being home, where she can experience the full extent of Annabelle's craziness. Looking like Saturday...

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  1. Such a cute picture! Glad she is eating better, and who wouldn't like chocolate pudding! Annabelle is such a great and entertaining big sister. When we were there she had me laughing pretty hard a good portion of the time. What a crack up. : ) continuing to pray for you guys and I'm excited for you guys that soon you will all be able to be home as a complete family!