Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quiet Weekend For Lillian

Things have been quiet lately, hence the lack of recent posts. At this point, Lillian is pretty much stable from day to day and we rarely make changes except for her meds. On that front, her cyclosporine levels are almost where we need them so we have discontinued all of the other anti rejection meds aside from MMF (mycophenolate mofetil). She will go home on both of those meds as well as about 8 more (I'll post something in depth about that later).

Lillian has continued issues with oral feeding, although we have seen some progress on that front just today. However, we don't know if that will last longer or if it has just been a good day. Time will tell. Right now, we are just re-adjusting to life on the floor, especially now that Lillian has her heart. Some changes obviously due to the transplant, including a much more complicated medication system. On the plus side, I've finally returned the pager (yes, an actual pager) that I've had since October 23rd, so it was good to see that go back. (More pictures later due to posting this from my phone).

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