Saturday, August 13, 2011

Update and Tons of Pictures

Not much going on right now, which is of course, a good thing. Lillian had one small incident where she had to go to the hospital for a suspected broken finger due to her sister smashing her finger in the door, but it turned out to not even be a fracture, so she got lucky on that front. Other than that, Lillian continues to eat and take meds like a champ, and she is getting better (and faster) at crawling, pulling herself up and walking around objects (tables and such) by herself. We hope to have her walking in the next two months.

We have been slowly expanding our horizons with Lillian, going to a family wedding the other day and seeing Lillian's main cardiologist from before the heart failure, who has followed her since as well. She sees her cousins regularly, and if you can't see the scar, looks like a normal kid (so much so that when we went to the ER for the finger, we were congratulated by several staff members for having "normal people issues". Biggest problem Lillian has is the sore finger and dealing with Annabelle, who can be a little too affectionate at times.

In terms of Lillian's health, she does sleep a ton (14 to 15 hours a day) and tends to be a demon when she is tired. Her eyes also appear slightly sunken, but I think that is a side effect of the meds she is on. Finally, we were blessed by a family member with a new camera, so enjoy the great pictures below (as always, click for big version).

One of Annabelle, just to illustrate Lillian's day to day entertainment


With cousin Robert (and ball)

Ailah with her great grandma

One of Lillian's favorite toys (a slide).

Slightly fuzzy due to crazy movement, but a priceless expression

A calmer version

Chilling with Mom on the ferry

Ailah sleeping at the wedding

Lillian with Dr. Files

Lillian with her 2nd cousin Kendra

Annabelle dancing with Kendra and Katana