Saturday, March 19, 2011

Reworking Things a Bit

Lillian continues to have sky high stats with the oxygen on, so we've gone ahead and just taken her off of it. You'll notice that she has her face back again now that the cannula has been taken off as well, so we expect this change to stick around for a little while at least. We're still not entirely sure why her stats have been varying so wildly, and it could be a number of different causes, none of them good. It's possible she's starting to out grow her shunt, which would mean a second surgery or it could be her pulmonary arteries shrinking, which would mean another cath. It's always possible that it's nothing, but for now we're cautious about the change.

Lillian also had to get her PICC line TPA'd due to getting clogs in it. TPA stands for tissue plasminogen activator, and is a protein that is normally used in heart attack and stroke victims to help clear the clots. For Lillian, it is being used in a concentrated form introduced into her line to help clear it. It's not normally done on the floor because we have to stop Lillian's Milrinone for two hours to do it, but the team decided that a trip to the CICU for two hours so they could flush the line was a bit crazy, and we agree with that.

The line being TPA'd, notice that she's unplugged.

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