Monday, March 28, 2011

Lillian's Guardian Angel

I don't know if many people know this but Lillian's middle name was chosen after her great grandmother Maureen Hays (she's in the center of the picture above, holding me). I had chosen Lillian Maureen before any thing was known to be wrong with Lillian. I debated changing her middle name after we found out that there was a massive heart defect, not wanting to lose two Maureens in my life. After thinking about it for a couple months I decided that I would keep it and that grandma was a fighter herself and that the name was appropriate. As every one knows Lillian received her heart on March 24, 2011 what you might not know is that the hospital was informed and accepted her heart on March 23. When we were walking into the hospital on Saturday, it hit me all of a sudden, that that day was the five year anniversary of Lillian's great grandmother's passing. Grandma Hays was a prayer warrior. She had told me many times that she would awaken in the middle of the night and start praying for all of the grand kids. When she told me this I thought at the time "wow you worry way to much about us, we're fine". She never told me what she was praying for but I'm glad she always got up and prayed. I know Grandma Hays is watching over all of us grand kids even now and especially Lillian.

I know everyone is waiting for an update on Lillian and this will come later tonight as the doctor are fiddling with a couple things right now. I would like to do it all in one so I'm just going to wait for the results. She's doing good though, and here's a picture to tide you over.

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