Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lillian Loves Annabelle

It's really quite amazing just how much Lillian loves Annabelle. Two weeks ago Annabelle was sick and couldn't come to the hospital. It really seemed to impact Lillian as she had a pretty bad week that week, not in the way of her stats or anything but she was just fussy and bored, and we think this was mainly because Annabelle was gone. It's really easy to see how much they love each other; whenever Annabelle comes into the room, Lillian lights up because she loves her sister so much. As I type this, Annabelle is sitting in Lillian's bed with her, showing her toys and playing with her. I'm not sure Lillian could make it through this without a sister as she gets bored with us occasionally, but Annabelle never fails to make her laugh or smile with some crazy antic. She's always putting on a show for Lillian.

Today Children's had a community health fair that we took Annabelle too. Annabelle had an absolute blast with it, getting to do the teddy bear clinic with her stuffed Snoopy, see an OR and operating robots, getting a finger cast and visiting all sorts of booths.

Other than that, Lillian continues to do well and is stable. Not really a lot of updates on that front.

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