Thursday, March 3, 2011

100 days and Counting...

Today marks the 100th day Lillian has been waiting for her new heart. Thankfully she has been very steady; no big ups or downs. Aside from the addition of oxygen and the lost ground on feeding she has been the same for months. Dr. Kemna referred to her one day as Stable Mable. I hope and pray that she can sustain this strength till transplant. I know of many babies waiting for transplant who seem like they are touch and go. I feel so blessed that Lillian has had the strength and the determination to be all that she can be given the circumstances. I always made fun of the strong willed, never quit, always doing things to the extreme personaities of the Canaans but in Lillian's case it has been a good thing.  I meet the new head resident yesterday, they change every 4 weeks, and he was telling me how much the nursing staff and Team 5 (the cardiology doctors) love her. I knew that already because the men and women that work with Lillian have been nothing less then amazing with her. I have complete faith in the doctors and nurses here, I know they have grown to love Lillian and want to see her out of here living a healthy "normal" life. The staff members here have given me comfort and strength as well. They probably don't even know that just coming in to check on Lillian, even when she isn't their patient for the day means so much. Or they will take Annabelle out to the cluster and let her sit with them while they do their paperwork (which she adores). Children's staff, including the nurses, doctors, suregons, front desk staff and everyone else who cares for Lillian or who supports her has made the 100 days much easier to deal with. Andy and I love all of them.

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