Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas 2011

This is late, but the girls had a Christmas to remember, visiting with family, having way too many sweets and finally ending with a magic show, courtesy of Joel. We went a little overboard as it was Lillian’s first Christmas home and Ailah’s first Christmas, but the girls had an awesome time, and so did we as a result.

Christmas Eve was Lillian’s 9 month anniversary of transplant. It was very emotional for us as a family. We are so every thankful to our donor family, words cannot express… All Christmas Eve I thought of them and prayed for them. 

 I know we posted Lillian's video some time ago, but we finally wrote to our donor family last month telling them about Lillian. We settled on a short letter as the longer drafts just didn't feel right. Hopefully someday we will know who our donor angel was. 

Lillian with Aunt Kim

Lillian and Annabelle with Aunt Katie

Triple photobomb family picture

The girls with Great Grandpa Boer

Annabelle getting her gift from Aunt Katie and Joel

Annabelle and Katrina


  1. You have a Beautiful family!!!! So glad that Lillian is doing so well!!!

  2. Thank you for the update. I know these are a lot of work but it sure is fun to see all the new pictures! Also, a poignant reminder of what an incredible blessing and special gift we were given as a family--shadowed only with an understanding of the great cost of that gift of life.