Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Clinic Update - Removing Many Meds

Lillian had her weekly check up today. We have started the process of taking her off Prednisone, a steroid and one of her anti rejection meds. This drug has several other drugs that are used with it, so by removing it, we can take her off of Ranitidine, Nystatin and Valcyte. That means she's down to 6 meds by the end of the week, a far shot from the 20 some other families are on. Overall, she's doing great, very happy to be home.

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  1. What a beautiful newborn! I am sure you are exhausted- my goodness gracious!
    My name is Julia McAllister, and I found you through google! We are expecting our HLHSer, Gabriel (Gabe) in about 8 weeks, we are from Idaho. We will be traveling to Seattle to deliver him at UW and have him transferred to Childrens, so it's possible we may see you in the future!
    I have an older son, Judah, who is 14 months old.
    Enough about me though, I just wanted to introduce myself before commenting and telling you what lovely little ladies you have! Bless you and them with health and healing over the next weeks!