Saturday, May 21, 2011

Quick update

Some progress today. Ailah will be discharged today if she passes the car seat challenge but would have to return tomorrow for an evaluation. If she has jaundice, she would be re-admitted. If she doesn't pass the car seat challenge she will have to stay but we would push for a transfer to Children's at that point.

We also got some labs back for Lillian, one of her anti rejection meds (mycophenolate mofitil or CellCept) was 2 to 4 times the target we have, so that is starting to look like the culprit. We would like it to be at 2 to 4, but she was at 8 on the 18th. It is likely that the result that we took yesterday will be even higher. Even with a potential cause, we still need to get another result back before we take her out of isolation. Assuming a c diff culture comes back negative, we can take her out of isolation. If it is positive, we have two possible causes.

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