Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Letter to Lillian - 07/23/2010

Welcome to the world Lillian! It's great to see you, a disarmingly beautiful baby covered in probes with lines going in everywhere, but still peaceful and content with the world when you're not giving the nurses and doctors hell. Your mom and I feel already that you will probably be a red head like her given your fighting spirit, which is OK with us. A strong fighting spirit will do you well in the trials ahead.

We're going to do everything possible to make your life as awesome as possible, staying with you and never leaving when you need us through the pain and trials, both at home and the hospital; empowering you to do as much with your life as you want to do; giving you a supportive and enriching environment in which to grow and thrive and a loving and caring family to stand by you all the way. We feel unspeakable, indescribable, incomprehensible love for you, and hope that you use your life in a Godly way, encouraging and enriching others as we will do for you; serving as a light and inspiration for others in the dark times, as others have done for us through the fears and shadows of your early life. You have half a heart physically, but you have a full one where it counts, and we pray that you will open it up for others, showing love and compassion as we know God intends. Your mother and I are looking forward to spending many, many years with you, and we look forward to every new day with you with joy and anticipation. Your sister Annabelle is so eager to meet you and play with you, so stay strong and fight with all your might. I may hold you in my arms now, but you hold my heart and mind forever. Again Lillian, welcome to the world! It's so incredible seeing your beautiful face, peaceful despite the storm that surrounds you. May God bless you, give you peace and walk with you all the days of your life.

- Dad


  1. Andy, this is absolutely amazing. I'm so glad that you've put this blog together and want you to know that while I may not be with you physically all the time, my thoughts are always of Lillian and your family and my heart will never stop loving all of you. Thanks again, and I hope you never stop this blog.

  2. Hi guys,
    This is wonderful. So much of what you write rings true and so close to our hearts. Sending you all the positive energy possible. Thank you so much for creating this blog. It is such a gift to those traveling this journey with you, and for Lillian and Annabelle. Huge hugs headed your way! Courtney

  3. Lillian, Remember this - out of everyone I have met, only you are stronger than Batman!
    (Andrew, I hope you don't mind me making pseudo-silly remarks on this blog. It's all serious, and very sweet, I just feel like there needs to be a little laughter...)

  4. Very moving letter. You speak volumes through your soul.